Tragic Symphony

You were so pleased with yourselves

Held safe in your own magnificence

I had never seen such beauty sail

Charged with a grand omniscience

And I was with you on every breath of wind

I helped you ease with swan-like grace

Through my softly spoken seas

That's when your fate became known to me


Why, why did you challenge me?

You should have known you would never win

Your increasing speed would only compete

With your ever increasing need for greatness

And you lost respect now, and you lost respect

You were let down by your complacency

That's when your fate became known to me


And you were screaming

And it was beautiful

In my usually silent waters you claimed the sky

What a haunting harmony

A tragic symphony


What a wonderful perilled sound you made

In your most tragic hour of night

I didn't want it to end but I could feel your pain

So gradually I took your life and let you fall

Cradled by your prayers fall

Gently to my bed

You couldn’t be in a more peaceful place

I pulled you deep and laid your souls to rest