Whateverweendupcallingthisband Practice Sesh

Practice 2 The Bass and The Lawyer 2

Practice sesh went something like...


Practice sesh went something like:

Fiona singing 'Paint the whole world with a speedball.' 80s kid show, Rainbow, style.

Adam freestyling Spanish.

Fiona replying to Adam's Spanish by saying, 'Yes very green elephant, turtle.' in Turkish.

Making some hard core decisions like: 'We'll scrap it if it's crap'.

Fiona went all Am.

'I'd rather play it and sing it cos I can't pitch it for shit.' - Adam

Fiona: Adam have you got Whats App on your new phone....Adam: I don't know. But it's an upgrade to my last one cos its got snake and it wobbles and shit.

Practice Sesh 2 - The Bass and The Lawyer
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