Haven'tgotabandname Practice Sesh

We had a reasonably productive sesh this week.:

We cracked on with songs and lyrics and music stuff...Adam had on the Boss Pants though he'd probs argue I took it away from him more than a few times.

Prac 4 The Bass on guitar.jpg
Prac 4 Fi on the Floor.jpg

But also


We learned that Adam can't click his fingers.

At one point me and Fi were both clicking our fingers as if that was gonna help Adam sort his life out...

Fi: I feel like I'm in Mary fucking Poppins.


Cos Adam be clicking his fingers like...

Mary Poppins finger clicking kid


Adam: I never realised talking shit was my talent.

Fi: Reaaaaaaalllyy Captain Naughty Fingers??!!??  [starts freestyling Captain Naughty Fingers lyrics]...'Will you lend me half a shnout? Will I fuuuuck.'

If you've never heard any of Captain Naughty Fingers' magnificence, have yourselves a treat:



Other stuff:


Pre-chorusGate - I spent 20 minutes interrogating Fiona about why she was calling some of her lyrics pre-chorus. (Apparently I have to mention that Fiona didn't know what she had done wrong and she was like a rabbit caught in headlights...sorry Fi!)

BridgeGate - Adam decided my bridge of 4 chords wasn't as good as his bridge of 4 different chords.  It got intense. Adam insisted me and Fi  listen to both versions with our eyes shut while he played 'Exhibit A' and 'Exhibit B' and we had to say which was best. I'm pretty sure this is how most musicians do it. Anyway, Adam won. (He cried the loudest).

After trying to play a drum beat on the back of his guitar and getting it wrong 7 times - Adam: I've got the drums nailed down now. Ya gonna shit yourself.

Adam randomly  turned into a 1920's English gentleman and asked Fi: What have you got in the way of tea?

Apparently I think I'm Mark Knopfler when I shred.

Fi and Adam started freestyling Jimmy Nail.

Never, ever, say 'Funk it up' to Fi, or she will funk you up!

Prac 4 Fi, shades and fingers.jpg
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