"We argue we don't fight"... thanks to London Grammar.


Sometimes me and The Bass bicker like an old married couple. And sometimes the F-Bomb has to act as mediator. She often tells us off for dragging her in to things and expecting her to take sides. Such is her role. I haven't been in the space or mind to write for a while so I'm behind with the session crack. So much so that I can't remember what my notes mean that I've written down.

The Crack

Share the glare


- I think this was in reference to Fiona looking at me sternly while I argued with The Bass and me insisting she get on his case as well.

There is a graph

- Something to do with Adam...and the song structure...unfortunately it made perfect sense to me.

Dolly Parton

- We went a bit 9 Till 5.

And then the F-Bomb said: Like a repeater pedal. (Meaning a loop pedal)

What I do remember about this session is that much of it took place in the dark. Me and Adam argued about the song structure (Siren/Stowaway - working title). Then we both backed off. Then we incorporated both ideas and agreed on a finished-ish version. Noone expected that.


In other news...it was

Adam's Last Jam As A Single Man last week.


It was mental and awesome...I've never been in a room with so many musicians just casually getting up and playing songs they've mainly never played before with people they've never played with before.

Adam, you are a jam-meister maestro!

You even managed to get me up to do a cover song...with a full on band - drums, bass, rhythm, lead, sax and Fiona! These are the times that you just have to experience. Photos never do them justice but I was enjoying the moment too much to care.

So here is a rare photo of me and the F-Bomb.

fi and me at adams last jam.jpg
adam at his last jam as a single man.jpg

And The Bass.

adam onevaginaforever.jpg

Love you mate...now fuck off.