Trip Awake...with drums and rhythm and lead, oh my...

Ok…so…this week’s practice looked like this…

Full band sound!!

the music lads.jpg

Obviously I’m shite at taking pics cos I totally blocked Dan’s (drums) head with the mic…but I got ya in the mirror!

Others are Keiran on rhythm and Jason on slide guitar…who Adam said was recommended to play slide guitar…who turns out has never played slide guitar in his life. We don’t care Jason, you made awesome sounds.

Me and Fi started off like this…

bernie and fi and newcastle.jpg

And ended up like this…

me fi and the bird.jpg

And in between there was this…

trip awake 1.jpg

I loved the fact that i was singer only so didn’t have to start setting up with my guitar

trip awake 2.jpg

The Bass scared the shit out of everyone when he started playing double bass with his bow…it was like listening to the QE2 coming in…which apparently is exactly the effect he is going for. I keep forgetting what a genius he is.

trip awake 3.jpg
trip awake 6.jpg

Fiona said she had never heard a vocal line that I blatantly have a recording of her singing in the previous practice.


trip awake 4.jpg
trip awake 5.jpg

The session was mint…the lads are gonna nail these songs!


And I got car sick on the way back cos these two long-legs have to sit in the front……and The Bass was driving like a maniac..

fi and adam.jpg