The Visually Lost Sessions - Bandadam and Alchemy Lane


Both sessions, Bandadam and Alchemy Lane, passed by unphotographed this week. But they were alive. You'll just have to trust me. Difficult in this age.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a boat heading to New York. The boat was beginning to sink but we got close. Someone started using oars to get us there. We sailed under the Statue of Liberty. The scene was something like a cross between Gangs of New York and...a heaving Camden. The colour was drenched in sepia but the Statue of Liberty had a teal aura. Streets were chaotic. The dream is still lingering. So it has made it into my writing.

Bandadam session was pretty real. One of those break through sessions when no one is afraid to hide how they're feeling...and it's still productive. Complete acceptance of each other.

A highlight

The Bass was messing about with changing one chord in a chord sequence that was actually fine. Wasting fucking time. But his chord choices got so obscure that The F-Bomb turned round and said:

What the living fuck are you playing? Put your knickers on and play an A.

Dead laughing..

Alchemy Lane session was creative. The light was blue, there were grapes and tea. And John is amazing at picking up the guitar and making things sound like they do in my head. He's really good at putting up with my shit.

So...a combination of acceptance, tolerance...sometimes graft...sometimes music.

Do things move as fast as I want them to? No. But I can deal with it. And it's probably good for me just now. Besides... some days I feel like I'm still trying to sleep off  my twenties.