Social Puncture band practice

Sometimes there are emotions. Fucking everywhere.

But it all started at a BBQ...where there were musicians and vegans everywhere.

I spent most of my time being the oldest one there by about 10 years and making a mental note of all the drummers and guitarists so that I can poach them when the time is right.

Hilarious and lovely company. The Bass and his Sage family. [I was only invited so that I could be the driver.]

adam and bernie guitars.jpg
the f-bomb making soup.jpg

So by the time we got to practice The Bass was pissed and I think I was riding on placebo and elation from being surrounded by new faces all day. The F-Bomb was also powering through her zone which included blending none of us were particularly productive in terms of music.

fairytale staircase.jpg

However, I feel this session might have been a nice little turning point in moving forward. We addressed a few things. The songs we have are ready to be levelled up...a shake about...spunk...something different....tear them up, throw them in the air, and play them in the order that they fall back down...that kind of shit.

Raw emotions on the surface. Honesty and trust. Insecurities and real life knocking at the door. Some singing, some laughing. Some sitting. Some absolute frustration on my part cause I can't play guitar as well as I should be able to. But that's all the story.

And I remember one of the new faces I met saying something like, 'The best bands don't have the best musicians, but they are good at doing what they need to do for the music.' Well said that new face.

So, I'm going to take a couple of The Bass' songs and turn them upside down and inside out. Let's see what shakes out.

Otherwise the session was a bit like -

Adam [just before singing]: Wait till I get in character

Bernie: What the fuck is she! [pointing to The F-Bomb] ...There is context to this but I can't be arsed to get into it.

Adam: There were two guys, and one of them was a girl.

Adam pissed.jpg