Roses and Vests Session

The Ta-Da Rose.jpg
Rose on a Bus.jpg

I have a rose bush in the garden. All of a sudden the roses are massive. 

Fi loves ta-da flowers so I took a rose on a little bus journey to band sesh. Got to share the ta-das about.


In other news The Bass got his Thug Chic on: shaved his head, wore a vest and started the sesh by cracking open a lager.

This weeks band name: Roses and Vests

Adam 'The Vest' Cornell.jpg

And the rest included:

Adam wearing the boss pants which included the mantra 'It's good isn't it' whenever he showed us a new part of his song.

Me and Fi chatting furniture.

When asked what the influence was behind his lyrics...

...Adam: It's just about some knobhead that I know

When asked if his lager was vegan friendly...

...Adam (the vegan): I don't know how much I care

Adam teaching me and Fi the melody to his new song and then me and Fi teaching it back to him when he lost it completely.

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