Live at Roobarb 'n' Custard

roobarb n custard 27.09.18.jpg

There are things I need to do. There are things I want to do. As a result, at this precise moment in time, I’m not getting anything done at all. But I know myself well. The planning is happening in the background so I can trust my process.

The gig on Thursday at Roobarb ‘n’ Custard was great. It’s always a laugh doing music in the same room as Auld Man’s Baccie but so many of my mates came along for the crack, it was such a good time. Mama Christie was in amongst it as well. She loves the crack.

Roobarb is a lovely intimate venue with a chilled out atmosphere bound in colour and fairy lights. Laid back chats with people, catching up with mates, music with The Bass, drinks…wine.

Great time.