Independent Music Store Crawl

Scattered Silhouettes Independent Music Store.jpg

Scattered Silhouettes is now stocked at:

Reflex, Newcastle

RPM Music, Newcastle

Beatdown Records, Newcastle

JG Windows, Newcastle

Hot Rats, Sunderland

Pop Recs, Sunderland


Me: "What if I'm doing this wrong?"

My mate: "I don't think there is a wrong way...the only way you'd be doing it wrong is if you weren't doing it at all."

Good point!


So yesterday Hurricane Hector dried my hair while I was standing in the garden with a coffee and I set off on the trail of local independent music stores to hand out my album, Scattered Silhouettes.



My mate drove me all over. Picking stuff up, dropping stuff off. Apparently I was pushing it when I started calling him 'my driver'.

I have no idea what I'm doing. All I know is that after we made the drops my mate bought Beard Shampoo....Beard Shampoo! I thought my bumbag wearing bass player was hipster but this one sent me over the edge. It made me so happy that I couldn't deal so I took a pic.

#babewithabeard #awesomebeardtho #apparentlythisisathing #totalacceptance



Beard shampoo