From Lionheart Radio to As You Like It

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I did my first interview/live set on the radio the other day. It was canny…it all felt normal. Prior to leaving the house my mam had advised me not to say anything embarrassing. I promptly reminded my mam that I can only be myself…and with that comes the risk of saying something embarrassing, weird, or sweary.

I managed not to swear.

The essentials…my Tanglewood and my water bottle.

The essentials…my Tanglewood and my water bottle.

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Roger was an absolute gem…and, while quite a few people have compared my voice to Joan Baez, he is the first to compare me to when he saw her live back in the day. I love people with stories to tell.

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Later I talked shit with my mate while The Bass knocked out some dodgy 90’s cover songs with his money band, Switch. Cheesey classics, don’t care, it was mint. High on friends and balloon animals.