Discipline...very little

Discipline...very little.jpg

My head might explode. I have Alchemy Lane lyrics forming in my head...I've got a new song emerging through my right eye...my right hand wants to play guitar...my left hand wants to play keys...my soul wants to play drums...and my left eye is making a decaf coffee.


My head is full of Wires and Diamonds lyrics...my soul is in Cubase...my right hand wants to sit in the sun among the trees...my left hand wants to play synths...my right eye is streaming from hay fever...my left eye has started a new rhythm.


And so on.

Today, I will absorb. There is a constant stream of music happening in my head. Chaotic sometimes. Rarely efficient. But I've learned to trust in what's happening in the background when in the foreground I'm just daydreaming or doing some washing. Somehow a song pops out...some coherant lyrics, a fresh idea and a decaf coffee.

It's not always like this...but today it is. I've got the time to let it be. I've made the time. I have chosen time...there is no such thing as time...I live in my own time...

Don't send help. This might be one of my most productive days...eventually.


Skinny Lane Sounds