Cities and wilderness. Job done.

So, yesterday I was in the middle of a heaving city catching up with a mate. I watched him record a few acoustic videos. Randomly played guitar. Met some new people. Reminded said mate of the song that we are half way through writing ...together...that he couldn't remember, but which he remembered he really liked. So, I now have a new sense of hope that at some point in our lifetime we will finish it.


Today I went exploring. Far enough into the middle of nowhere that I had no phone reception. I wandered around, at my own pace, under an insanely hot sun, weaving through sheep and trees, over hills, beside lakes... with my golf umbrella. I drank Becks Blue and ate vegetarian sausages with nothing but the sound of birds and tiny laps of water. And sometimes a sheep. And a cow. And then a duck.

Am I any further forward in finishing the songs that I'm working on?


But cities....and wilderness. and stuff.

My sister has just come in with some Budweiser Prohibition so I'll go and get tanked and work on some music.


Trees, lakes and hills.jpg