Catching Up

I’m featured in The Crack this month ( click here to read the article online).


It’s strange knowing that other people are listening to and having an opinion on my music. A good strange. Music is an extremely personal thing for some people. And sound means a lot to me. Some people call me ‘too serious’ other people call me a ‘battering ram’. Jokingly obviously (?!). But I’m sure with elements of truth. I’m sort of fine with this. I’m fine about being the pain in the arse that wants to go over things again and again till it’s right. I’m fine about sitting on a song for a while until it feels right. I’m fine about going at the pace that is best for me. I’m fine about not gigging every week and about not having many followers in social media - money and ‘likes’ have never and will never drive me. I am keen to share the music I have and while I’m still working things out I’ll be lurking about on Skinny Lane Sounds doing music.

Always music.

bernie christie music editorial the crack Nov 18.jpg

In other news…

Trip Awake sessions have still been happening. I’ll be writing about this soon.

My head is back into mixing…and I’m quite excited

I briefly felt like a proper guitar pro when I mentioned to my friend that his electric guitar had an earthing problem and that I’d fix it for him.

I’m planning my next album for next year…maybe.

But right now I’m off to do some art with The Bass.