Battenburg, Bomb and Bass practice session

The first thing that The Bass said to me this week when he picked me up: You'll have to take the lead this week...I'm hanging out me arse.

Standard. Precious.

In other news

The F-Bomb called me a Catch U Next Tuesday again. This is also becoming standard.

Apparently I finish all the songs now. I had Adam handing over Siren to finish writing lyrics and Fi giving me Poppy Tears to sort out. At that point my name became Kali.


This is Kali...(!)


So anyway...

Me: Adam play the chords please [Adam ignores me] ...Adam.... [Adam continues to ignore me]...Adam, play the fucking chords.

Fi: Every practice I've ever done turns into Father Ted. Every single practice.


Adam and Fi played canny while trying to work out melodies for a new song.

Fi and Adam on keys.jpg


Apparently Adam reads The White Rabbit Diaries in case there is something he was meant to do from last practice that he's forgotten to do. In which case....ADAM, YOU NEED TO WRITE THE LYRICS FOR SIREN.


Adam and Fi had a casual conversation about how they don't mind when I 'batter' them if there is something that isn't quite right....

Adam: I think it really helped when you battered me about my singing cos I can get lazy but you wouldn't let me and it was good.

Fi: Yeah when you batter us...

Me: Is 'batter' the right word here??

[Turns to Adam] When Bernie batters you...

Adam: Bernie The Batterer...that's your new name...Batter band name ...

Battenburg, Bomb and Bass


I love these idiots.

THE F-BOMB ON KEYS - we do things differently.

THE F-BOMB ON KEYS - we do things differently.