Bandadam session - the productive one


This weeks sesh started off with Adam blaming the universe for his printer not working. But then we ended up having a really productive session.


Or in the words of Fi: We've accidently done very well there.

fi and adam grafting.jpg

I can tell that the session was particularly productive cos I haven't got half of the nonsense shit that I'd usually be writing about. It was still ridiculous and hilarious but we really had a good old graft this week. And I love being round people who like to graft.

At one point Adam put the fear of god in me when I was improvising: Ya dinnit want to be on that b (note)

Then Things got a bit ike this:

adam and me.jpg
fi selfie.jpg

I took a song idea and within thirty seconds Adam had put jazz chords in it.

Fi encourages him.

We knocked out harmonies like we were Fleetwood Mac.

I'm slowly trying to move into Fi's mysterious and magical house.

Adam handed me a sheet of music for one of his songs  and the title said Not Like At You. I was pretty sure the song was called Not Like You. Me: Adam.........what have you called this song? Adam: Fuck's that printer it just changes stuff.

A breakthrough session...we gel like L'oreal.


The F-Bomb

fi and keys.jpg