Bag of Cats

I thought I was gonna bust a gut laughing at last weeks band session. Hilarious.

The Bass is getting on top of his shit because its his final year of music at Sage, Gateshead. So he basically walked into practice asking if me and The F-Bomb would mind him wearing the boss pants from this point onwards, so that we can focus on his uni performance.

Of course a big part of Adam’s ‘boss pants’ role includes saying, ‘Yeah, just do whatever you want.’ He doesn’t actually mean that because he knows exactly the kind of sound/vibe he wants to hear, he just can’t tell people what to do very easily. I don’t suffer from this infliction, because it gets in the way of cracking on with the graft. But thankfully, I also like asking five million questions, so we get to the bottom of it.

However, this session had me bad laughing.

Poppy Tears

Adam decided he wanted to shift the time signature of the song from 4/4 to 6/8. Cheers Adam. Me and Fiona spent the first 20 minutes breaking our brains to try and make the lyrics work with Adam’s new ‘vision’.

Then things went a bit

Speak when you’re spat at.

Fiona: You’ve written a song that you need fucking gills to sing.

Band name craziness - Catholic Choir…God Squad

(At one point I genuinely feared that Adam would actually want to choose one of these names.)

Fiona casually went through my bag and started wafting my fan about while banging on about the mercado.

Then Bernie said: Arghhh fuck off and do it again.

When we were in the middle of learning the ‘new’ harmony in the chorus and Adam seamlessly broke into ‘Air on the G String’ I didn’t think I’d recover.


Driving home me and The Bass felt Bag of Cats would be a good name to sum up the session. And in the spirit of getting a shift on with choosing a band name I sent a few options to him and Fiona based on the cat theme.

Adam: I think my favourite thing on that list is ‘Band Names’.


The search for the band name continues.

cat band names.jpg
Skinny Lane Sounds