A gig, a new release


The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

I don’t know if it’s just because I like this song so much or if it’s because the last race of this year’s F1 is on Sunday…but I’m playing it while I write this…


GIG - Trip Awake

trip awake.jpg

We’ll be performing at

Sage Gateshead on Tuesday 11th December.

Should be canny…there’ll be drums, lead guitar, slide guitar, couple of singers, double bass, electric bass, saxophone…some weird timings, some hit and miss harmonies.

Are we ready? Who knows? It’s happening anyway…it’s gonna be hilarious at the very least.



New Release


Wires & Diamonds - Keep


Listen . . .


Some crack

Me and The Bass went on a wheel.

The F-Bomb is being Christmas…IT IS STILL NOVEMBER.

3 bottles of red wine and half a bottle of whskey later Trip Awake have a logo.

My head is in work mode. I need to get back to it.