Adam Made Pizza Practice Session

whysoserious becasuepizza.jpg
adam making pizza.jpg

I finally have a bit of quiet time in my head to journal about the recent band sesh. It was hilarious and productive and Adam made pizza.

It's always really easy when you're working with people who are on the same page. This applies to everything but it doesn't always exist. People who have as much invested in other people feeling confident and on point, not just themselves. This seems obvious to me so I won't start preaching.

I made Fi a dreamcatcher so at one point she was swigging Becks Blue and swinging her dreamcatcher about while Adam was making pizza on tap. Seriously the pizza just kept coming. Fully vegan. I've ordered more pizza for next sesh but I have a feeling its an every 10 sessions deal.

fiona and the dreamcatcher.jpg

In other news:

Apparently I went strict singing teacher mode and made everything stop till the vocal harmonies were right. When we got them right Adam let us have pizza.

Fi never thought that in her thirties she'd be eating vegan pizza and drinking non-alcoholic beers while having a band a quiet reflection kind of way. I, on the other hand, am relieved that's what I'm doing. It means I made it through the chaos that was my 20s (and very early thirties).

Moving on.

Things got harmony-tastic.

Me and Fi were blowing bottles - Adam chose to sit that one out.

Adam: We might not have found a hit number one, but we found a friend. Me: Adam what's a hit number one? Do you mean a number one hit. Adam: Yeah...whatever the kids are calling it.

I've written Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey down for some reason but I can't remember why.

Practice session ended. Drinking session the town.

adam and fi and fitzies.jpg

Me and Fi were having a bit of a happy moment while walking down the street about loving the music, and the sound, and the vibes of the band, and Adam joined in with: I've just remembered I'm wearing long-johns.

Things ended with me raving to Tori Amos - Professional Widow, gets me everytime, no matter how butchered the version is.

Songs are happening. It's almost midnight. I'm sitting outside with my keyboard and laptop. The stars are out. The road is still busy (which  I like). People are doing things. And I'm thinking about myths and legends and gangsters.