Take A Seat

She couldn't deal with the uninspired character smudge

Or the burden of being misunderstood and too judged

A bleak humidity, money-driven, saddened her heart

A sense of fading to beige, of falling apart


But past the fountain in the heart of the town

She heard a crack in the clouds and the rain came down

She saw a light lining the pavement where she found

A window wide open and a sound pulling her underground


Nobody knows her, they didn’t know how could they know

Nothing seemed real anymore and where was she gonna go

It doesn’t have to be real anymore

Come on in take a seat from the downpour

Come on in take a seat have a drink

If the way has let you down you need this time to think

Maybe this is real maybe it's a dream

But come on in 'cause Layla's being played on the violin


You can watch the rain and drown in the sound

Of it splashing down the window pane

While a musician fills this hole in the ground

By playing Layla on the violin


She sat back and smiled

She didn't talk for a little while

Just drank and listened to his style

So come on in take a seat, take a seat

Come on in take a seat